Croatia Tour 2019
St. Euphemia Concert in Rovinj, Croatia

St. Euphemia Concert in Rovinj, Croatia

I traveled to Istria, Croatia, for a tour with Mariano Barreiro (piano) and Ishtar Hernandez (violin) in July 2019. We performed a set of music by Astor Piazzolla including the four seasons and other classics, as well as our own tango arrangements for wildly successful concerts in Rovinj, Bale, and Dvigrad. Massive thanks to Zeljko Popadić for organizing with us, and everyone who helped make this happen.

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Charles Gorczynski
Tango Music in San Francisco
Mariano Barreiro Tango Trio - Ishtar Hernandez, Charles Gorczynski - Milonga Sentimental, San Mateo CA

Mariano Barreiro Tango Trio - Ishtar Hernandez, Charles Gorczynski - Milonga Sentimental, San Mateo CA

Some recent photos working in 2018/2019 with Mariano Barreiro Tango Trio, Maxi Larrea Trio, and Redwood Tango Ensemble in San Francisco Bay Area.

Mariano Barreiro / Charles Gorczynski Duo

Mariano Barreiro / Charles Gorczynski Duo

Maxi Larrea Trio featuring Sumi Lee

Maxi Larrea Trio featuring Sumi Lee

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Redwood Tango Ensemble - Herbst Theatre

Redwood Tango Ensemble - Herbst Theatre

Mariano Barreiro - Charles Gorczynski - Hector Pineda - Santiago Cursach

Mariano Barreiro - Charles Gorczynski - Hector Pineda - Santiago Cursach

Maxi Larrea - Charles Gorczynski

Maxi Larrea - Charles Gorczynski

Charles Gorczynski
Debut Concert - New Compositions
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Redwood Tango Ensemble debuts four new compositions and plays the music of contemporary tango composers in concert at Community Music Center, San Francisco!

Recently the ensemble received an MGP Grant from IntermusicSF, a wonderful organization that advocates for small ensemble music in the SF Bay Area. IntermusicSF produces creative and ambitious concerts like SF Music Day at Herbst Theatre, the Presidio Sessions, and more. Our grant was to support the production of four new scores in the contemporary tango genre.

Join us for a concert of new music, as well as the music of Astor Piazzolla, Osvaldo Pugliese, Diego Schissi, Julian Peralta, and more. We even have a stage collaboration with local dancers Count Glover and Chelsea Eng, and after the concert we will clear the chairs and have a live music milonga for the rest of the night.

Friday February 15
8pm Concert Performance / 9-11:30 Milonga
Community Music Center
544 Capp St, San Francisco
$15 at the door

Charles Gorczynski
Southern CA Sextet Tour!
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Join us for a rare set of performances in the southern part of California, performing concert sets and milongas in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo! Details below:

11.29   Casa Romantica - Los Angeles
Redwood Tango Ensemble
~concert set~
415 Avenida Granada, San Clemente CA

11.30   Corazón Performing Arts - Los Angeles
Redwood Tango Ensemble
~concert set~
125 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga CA

12.1 San Luis Obispo Milonga
Redwood Tango Ensemble
2880 Broad St, San Luis Obispo CA

12.2 Alberto’s Milonga
Redwood Tango Ensemble
736 W Dana St, Mountain View CA

Charles Gorczynski
Herbst Theatre - SF Music Day

Redwood Tango Ensemble was invited to perform for the amazing SF Music Day, curated by IntermusicSF. We closed out the night with a program included original music, plus that of Astor Piazzolla, Daniel Ruggiero, and Julian Peralta. What an amazing night!

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Charles Gorczynski
Barreiro Tango Duo - US Tour July

Brilliant tango pianist Mariano Barreiro and I will be traveling central and south United States in July, playing concerts and milongas in Chicago, Madison, Louisville, Cleveland, Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and St. Louis. We hope you see you there, check here for details on all performances.

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MB Tour.jpg
Charles Gorczynski
RTE on Bandcamp Best of Jazz List 2018

Redwood Tango Ensemble is one of 10 new records listed for Bandcamp Daily's Best of Jazz list, June 2018. Thanks Dave Sumner from Bandcamp and Matthew Golombisky (ears&eyes Records)!


"This music behaves like a dream—the changes in tone and tenor present themselves unexpectedly, and the causal relationships, if any exist, are shrouded in mystery. But dreams possess a certain, inexplicable logic, and Charles Gorczynski achieves this by employing the melody as a common thread to tie the different stages of Prizefighter into a single vision. The Chicago saxophonist moved to Oakland, took up the bandoneón, immersed himself in the tango scene, and now there’s a compelling new album to talk about. This absorbing music is at its best when it transitions between states of chaos and a uniform drone. That it happens to be Prizefighter’s best quality isn’t surprising, since Gorcynski’s past in the free jazz scene and in the ambient-electronic duo Colorist (with Charles Rumback) speaks directly to his talent at creating shapes without structure and inciting a state of hypnosis with the wave of a note. This new direction is a nice surprise, and from an artist that is known for them." - Dave Sumner, June 2018

Charles Gorczynski
TFM and Redwood Expands to Octet

We have been fortunate to partner with Tango For Musicians, a powerful educational outfit for tango in the United States, and will be working with the faculty as part of the arranging course for budding tango arrangers. Everyone involved in this program has been an inspiration. We also took the opportunity to invite our good friends bandoneonist Ben Thomas and violist Sarah Kwok into the ensemble for some powerful performances, and collaborated with Belgian tango dance champions Yannick and Liz Vanhove. Thank you Ben and Sarah, Yannick and Liz, and Morgan Luker for creating and sustaining this program in the US!

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Charles Gorczynski
Sextet Tour + Release Show

To celebrate the release of our new album we will perform the entire album at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco! Also the music of modern luminary tango composers like Diego Schissi, Julian Peralta, Daniel Ruggiero, and more.


Red Poppy Art House - 2698 Folsom St, San Francisco
7:30pm/tickets:    Facebook Event

Upcoming sextet tour dates: 

Friday June 15 - Burning Tango Festival - McCloud, California
Saturday June 16 - Milonga Del Ayer - Eugene, Oregon
Thursday June 21 - Norse Hall Milonga - Portland, Oregon
Saturday June 23 - Reed College - Portland, Oregon

Check the performances page for more details.

Charles Gorczynski

We are thrilled to announce the release of Prizefighter, a new set of original tango music that has been a long time coming. Over the past two years we worked on this music in rehearsal and in studio, and worked with some of our favorite musicians in crafting some of the details: bassist Ignacio Varchausky and pianist/composer Diego Schissi. The music was recorded over two days at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley by Adam Muñoz, mixed by John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake), and released with our friends at ears&eyes Records who have split their time between Chicago and Buenos Aires. Order the album at our Bandcamp Store, thanks for your support!

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Charles Gorczynski
Videos for Bellow and Fist of Fast Wishes

A new video for the single "Bellow", and another for "Fist of Fast Wishes", both on the upcoming vinyl Redwood Tango Ensemble release PRIZEFIGHTER.

Thanks to Ashkenaz in Berkeley for their generosity and spirit, Community Music Center San Francisco, and dancers Count Glover + Caeyln Marie Magdalena Cassanova.

Charles Gorczynski
Bandoneon Concerto - Mercury Soul

I will be performing Astor Piazzolla's iconic bandoneon concerto "Aconcagua" with composer Mason Bates' Mercury Soul Orchestra, for the production of Mercury Soul - Danzón. Redwood Tango Ensemble will also be performing the music of Julian Peralta and Daniel Ruggiero, and Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza will play the night out. Don't miss this rare one time event!


The Great Northern - 119 Utah, San Francisco
$15-50: Tickets here

Charles Gorczynski
Alejandro Ziegler US Tour - February
AZ Tour.jpg

I'll be touring as bandoneonist with Argentine pianist Alejandro Ziegler, who recently celebrated the release of an original set of tango music. With violinist Ishtar Hernandez and bassist Daniel Fabricant, we will be traveling for over a month visiting US and Canada cities including Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Albuquerque, El Paso, Denver, Chicago, Miami, and many more. Check all dates at the performances page

Charles Gorczynski