Tango Arrangements - Scores - Custom Transcriptions

A selection of my tango transcriptions and arrangements are available here in the store. The intention is to provide access to high quality arrangements for bands and musicians interested in performing tango music but struggling to find scores and parts. I generally focus on one orchestra at a time: Juan D'Arienzo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Anibal Troilo, etc. Custom arrangements are also available for any size group, solo/duo/trio all the way to orquesta tipica, or chamber groups (string quartet, woodwind ensemble, etc). Suggestions welcome, just email me!

Downloads are immediate and include: score PDF, individual parts, and Sibelius file for editing (also includes xml if you use Finale, MuseScore, etc).

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* Build repertoire for tango ensemble, strong and playable arrangments

* Easily edit for your own instrumentation

* Alter to develop your own arrangements

* Study scores of the most influential tango orchestras - for both dancers and musicians


La Viruta - Rodolfo Biagi
El Yaguaron - Rodolfo Biagi
Pura Clase - Rodolfo Biagi
Loca - Juan D'Arienzo
Jueves - Juan D'Arienzo
Canaro En Paris - Juan D'Arienzo
Pensalo Bien - Juan D'Arienzo
Derecho Viejo - Juan D'Arienzo
Inspiracion - Juan D'Arienzo
Desencanto (vals) - Juan D'Arienzo
Castigo (vals) - Juan D'Arienzo
Me Duele el Corazón (vals) - Juan D'Arienzo


Pata Ancha - Osvaldo Pugliese
Nochero Soy - Osvaldo Pugliese
La Tupungatina - Osvaldo Pugliese
A Los Amigos - Osvaldo Pugliese
Yuyo Verde - Osvaldo Pugliese
Malena - Anibal Troilo


I am building a library, adding music every month. Sign up for the mailing list for updates on new scores, or email for info on custom arrangements:

All arrangements are available in the store.

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