RTE on Bandcamp Best of Jazz List 2018

Redwood Tango Ensemble is one of 10 new records listed for Bandcamp Daily's Best of Jazz list, June 2018. Thanks Dave Sumner from Bandcamp and Matthew Golombisky (ears&eyes Records)!



"This music behaves like a dream—the changes in tone and tenor present themselves unexpectedly, and the causal relationships, if any exist, are shrouded in mystery. But dreams possess a certain, inexplicable logic, and Charles Gorczynski achieves this by employing the melody as a common thread to tie the different stages of Prizefighter into a single vision. The Chicago saxophonist moved to Oakland, took up the bandoneón, immersed himself in the tango scene, and now there’s a compelling new album to talk about. This absorbing music is at its best when it transitions between states of chaos and a uniform drone. That it happens to be Prizefighter’s best quality isn’t surprising, since Gorcynski’s past in the free jazz scene and in the ambient-electronic duo Colorist (with Charles Rumback) speaks directly to his talent at creating shapes without structure and inciting a state of hypnosis with the wave of a note. This new direction is a nice surprise, and from an artist that is known for them." - Dave Sumner, June 2018

Charles Gorczynski