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new lp 'prizefighter'

redwood tango ensemble

vinyl / Cd / digital

ears&Eyes Records

PRIZEFIGHTER (ears&eyes Records 2018)

A brand new set of original tango from Redwood Tango Ensemble, a leading creative force in tango in North America. 

"This music behaves like a dream... a new direction from an artist that is known for them" - Bandcamp Daily, best of Jazz Releases list 2018
"Truly one of the most exciting tango ensembles active in the US today. Bandoneonist and composer Charles Gorczynski, along with Redwood Tango Ensemble, are forging a distinctly new idiom of North American tango music." - Morgan Luker, author "The Tango Machine"

Order now [Vinyl / CD / Digital] on BANDCAMP, or Redwood Tango Website
Availability on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and others coming in Fall 2018



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